April 26th - DOG DAY AFTERNOON / Sidney Lumet, USA, 1975, 125m, 15
Fresh from his iconic role in ‘The Godfather Part 2’, Al Pacino is electrifying here as the leader of a rag-tag trio whose attempted bank heist goes horribly, and comically, wrong. Outstanding performances,
direction, cinematography and editing make this one of the greatest American films of the 1970s.

May 10th - NORTH BY NORTHWEST / Alfred Hitchcock, USA, 1959, 136m, PG). 
Starring Bristol’s very own Cary Grant, Hitchcock’s mistaken identity / Cold war spy caper is one of his most brilliantly entertaining films, and a stylistic touchstone for many thrillers to come. Contains some of the most memorable sequences in cinema – re-visit on the big screen the United Nations HQ, Mount Rushmore and a certain deserted cornfield in the Midwest (what’s that tiny aeroplane up to?).

May 24th - THE BATTLE OF ALGIERS / Gillo Pontecorvo, Italy, Algeria, 1965, 121m, 15
To mark the 60 th anniversary of the end of the Algerian War of Independence, we screen Pontecorvo’s
riveting and undisputed, if somewhat neglected, masterpiece - filmed in monochrome to resemble
contemporary newsreel. One of the greatest-ever war films, it is uncompromising in its portrayal of the
bitterness of guerrilla warfare, and in its exposure of the tactics employed by all sides in the conflict.

June 7th - QUIZ SHOW / Robert Redford, USA, 1994, 133m, 15
The stakes are high in one of actor-turned-director Robert Redford’s best films: a thrilling account of the real-life investigation into rigged 1950s quiz show ‘Twenty-One’. Ralph Fiennes stars as the ‘tv-friendly’ but morally conflicted ivy league challenger to John Turturro’s unappealing, volatile but know-it-all reigning champion. A fascinating exposé of the cynicism and racism of broadcasters in thrall to big money sponsors.

June 21st - THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE / J. Frankenheimer, USA, 1962, 126m, 12A
Based on Richard Condon’s classic novel, this delirious fever-dream of a film captures the Cold War
paranoia of America reeling from late ‘50s McCarthyism and the 1961 Cuban Missile Crisis. Frank Sinatraand Angela Lansbury excel amongst an A-list cast – he plays a military intelligence officer trying to uncover the truth of what really happened to his platoon, captured in Korea and lauded as heroes on their return home. His recurring nightmares suggest something just isn’t right with the official story.


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