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Join us on Friday evenings from 5:30PM for live music and freshly made pizza! With various toppings including gluten free and vegan options and also a choice of base; sourdough or thin and crispy! Read below for all our live performances taking place. All events are free entry.

Pizza served from 6:00PM until 8:30PM - Music from 7:00PM until 9:00pm



Friday 7th June  Cindy Stratton

cindy marius.png

Cindy Stratton is a remarkable West Country artist known for her mastery of contemporary song-writing, particularly in the folk and Americana genres, infused with a touch of soul. Her music has been praised for its "moments of sparkling melody" (Time Out magazine).

Cindy's talent extends beyond her song-writing; her voice is a beautiful and versatile instrument, capable of conveying a wide range of emotions from passionate to ethereal, always delivered with exquisite control and an airy quality that perfectly complements her song-writing. Detour magazine described it as a "voice that can both cut and melt”.

Friday 14th June  Cavacante


Cavacante play Choro, the joyous and uplifting music of Brazil. Exciting up-beat Maxixe, Polka, Tango and Samba rhythms mix with beautiful ballads and the occasional waltz, tempting you to the dance floor. 

An acoustic Quartet of Dave Griffiths - mandolin, Mike Pryor- cavaquinho, Phil Bunce - pandeiro and Knud Stuwe - guitar.

Friday 21st June  Merlin Smith

merlin smith.jpg

The 'ragtime guitar wizard.'  Immerse in timeless melodies, Scott Joplin classics, and unique twists on popular tunes!

Merlin Smith is a distinguished guitarist who has garnered acclaim for his exceptional work on the music of Scott Joplin. He has skilfully built upon the legacy of renowned guitarists such as John Knowles, Chet Atkins, and Richard Smith to create a distinctive sound that is uniquely his own. His celebrated series, 'Merlin Smith Plays Scott Joplin', is a testament to his unwavering commitment to meticulously working through the entire repertoire of the legendary composer.

Friday 28th June  Justin Towell

Screenshot 2023-09-12 at 21.46.07.png

Justin Towell is a Bath-based musician playing original songs and some covers in a variety of genres all based around guitar rock. Playing live, he uses a harmony vocal pedal to create rich sounds during cover songs, and for originals he uses the multitrack files from his self-recorded albums to create a full-band sound.


His most recent album was mixed and mastered at Abbey Road Studios thanks to a grant from WECA and you can find it stocked in local HMV stores. If you like electric guitar sounds of any kind, you should enjoy Justin's set.


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